“Japan Year 2010 in Turkey” Logo and Slogan Contest
Result of the Logo Category

There has been much participation in the “Japan Year 2010 in Turkey” logo and slogan contest both from Turkey and Japan. We extend our thanks to the applicants for their sincere interest.

Although all the works applied to the contest were very successful and impressive, Tooru NORITOMI's (30-year-old designer from Tokyo) below work has been chosen in the logo category after careful evaluation of the Executive Committee of the Japan Year and the Secretariat of the Japan Year 2010 in Turkey.

The logo has been designed in a way that the number “2010” representing the “year 2010” is combined with the symbols in the flags of Japan and Turkey. Furthermore, the number “21” depicts the friendly relations between both countries in the 21 st century.

As for the slogan category, evaluation procedure still continues due to difficulty in deciding on a work. The result of the slogan contest will also be announced on this web site. We request you to allow us time for now.

We extend our sincere thanks to all applicants of the logo and slogan contest and hope to receive your active participation in the “Japan Year 2010 in Turkey”, henceforth.


Slogan for the “Japan Year 2010 in Turkey"

The official slogan for the "Japan Year 2010 in Turkey" has been decided to be "Turkey and Japan are closer now".

The sentence reflects the two countries' determination to reinforce the friendship between them taking the opportunity of the Japan Year 2010 in Turkey.

This slogan will be used along with the logo in promoting the "Japan Year” both in Turkey and Japan.